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Articles from the SSARG newsletter Archives

The Archaeology of Fontmell Down January 2014.pdf 344.7KB
Playing with Fire February 2014.pdf 297.9KB

Endings and New Beginnings Gill Vickery December 2014.pdf 216.9KB
South East Somerset and its churches before the Norman Conquest January 2015.pdf 166.9KB
South East Somerset and its churches before the Norman Conquest February 2015.pdf 298.6KB
Model Landscapes and the use of GIS in archaeology Part 1 February 2015.pdf 495.6KB
Model Landscapes Part Two March 2015.pdf 546.1KB
Down on the Farm March 2015.pdf 271.9KB
SSARG 100 Bronze Age connections November 2015.pdf 164.4KB
SSARG wins Dorset Archaeological Award November 2015.pdf 194.0KB
On the Ranch September 2016.pdf 604.2KB
Pen Pits February 2017.pdf 639.7KB
Anglo Saxon bone comb reproduction March 2017.pdf 523.3KB
The Storm of 877 AD What can art do April 2017.pdf 574.6KB
TIME TRAVEL IN A CALL BOX May 2017.pdf 433.0KB
The Lufton Project June 2017.pdf 647.7KB
On The Ranch June 2017.pdf 529.0KB
Sketches from Dorothy Bark September 2017.pdf 1.0MB
On The Ranch October 2017.pdf 741.9KB
Mendip Rocks November 2017.pdf 580.5KB
SSARG Visit to Lydney Park July 2018.pdf 1.2MB
Checking out Pen Selwood July 2018.pdf 1.1MB
Remember and remembering on 11th November 2018.pdf 788.9KB
SSARG Visit to Compton Dundon Hillfort November 2018.pdf 1.1MB
On the Ranch January 2019.pdf 455.9KB
The lost buildings of Montacute House April 2019.pdf 714.4KB
Down on the Ranch April 2019.pdf 1.1MB
On the Ranch May 2019.pdf 1.2MB
Down on the Ranch July 2019.pdf 589.5KB
COMING DOWN TO EARTH July 2019.pdf 447.9KB
Twine Rope and Sail in South Somerset November 2019.pdf 981.1KB
SANHS Low Ham History Day November 2019.pdf 471.7KB
Land Drainage in Somerset December 2019.pdf 905.3KB
Look but don't touch December 2019.pdf 365.1KB

How do archaeologists make sense of human remains January 2020 851.2KB
On the Ranch February 2020 1.2MB
Avalon Marshes April 2020 623.0KB
Digging a test pit in your garden May 2020 798.8KB
Slave ownership in Somerset July 2020 569.8KB
Looking back in time with SSARG August 2020 510.0KB
Glass October 2020 550.7KB

A Neolithic Timber Circle in Priddy November 2020 583.6KB
West Somerset Railway Brendon Hill Incline December 2020 824.7KB