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Most SSARG reports are available on OASIS - Online Access to the Index of Archaeological Investigations.  See the Link on the Contact Us page or email info@ssarg.org.uk for more information.  All SSARG reports are logged with the Historic Environment Service.

Hazlegrove School, Sparkford.  Gradiometer Survey, August 2008.  Report no: SCEP/GS1001

Crissell's Green Pre-Excavation Gradiometer Survey, September 2008.  Report no: SCEP/GS1002

Lufton Villa, Yeovil, Somerset.  Geophysical Survey, March 2009.  Report no: SSARG/GS1003

Lytes Cary Manor Gradiometer Survey, May - December 2009.  Report no: SSARG/GS1004

Fields South of Lufton Villa Gradiometer Survey, Interim Report (2010 - 2011).  Report no: SSARG/GS1005

Lufton Landscape Gradiometer Surveys, October 2010 - September 2011.  Report nos: SSARG/GS1006, 1007 & 1008

Great Danscombe and Ten Acres, Lufton Gradiometer Surveys, September 2013.  Report no: GF1032b

Tarrant Valley Gradiometer Survey, July 2014.  Report no: SSARG/GS1009

Montacute House Geophysical Survey, July 2014.  Report no: SSARG/GS1010

Park, Low Ham Gradiometer Survey, August - October 2014.  Report no: SSARG/GS1011

Broome Field, Misterton Gradiometer Survey - Preliminary Report, April 2013.  Report no: SSARG/GS1012a

Montacute House Geophysical Survey, July 2015.  Report no: SSARG/GS1013

Second Hungerford, Lufton Gradiometer Survey, October 2015.  Report no: SSARG/GS1014

Penselwood Gradiometer Survey, December 2015.  Report no: SSARG/GS/1015

Highmore Hill Geophysical Survey, October 2015.  Report no: SSARG/GS/1016

Higher Weathergrove, Sandford Orcas Gradiometer Survey, May 2016.  Report no: SSARG/GS/1017

Montacute House Resistivity Survey, July 2016.  Report no: SSARG/GS/1018

Tithe Mead, Stapleton Mead Farm Geophysical Survey, 2012 - 2015.  Report no: SSARG/GS/1019
Abbey House, Bruton Geophysical Survey, April - May 2018.  Report no: SSARG/GS/1021

Tinkley, N. Watching Brief at Misterton, Crewkerne, Sept. 2008

Dickinson, T. SSARG Excavation Report Hazlegrove House, April 2009

Dickinson, T. Test Pitting at Parsonage Farm, Sutton Montis, April 2010

Missingham, P. "Romano-British Agricultural Building" - Excavation at Tithe Mead, Stapleton, January 2014

Randall, C. Broomfield, Misterton, Somerset. Report on a Trial Excavation, December 2015

Caldwell, C. Long Sutton Test Pitting Report, June 2017

Randall, C.E., PhD Thesis Bournemouth University 2010: ‘Livestock and landscape: the exploitation of animals in the south west of Britain in later prehistory’.

 Randall, C.E., 2010 More Ritual Rubbish? Exploring the taphonomic history, context formation processes and ‘specialness’ of deposits including human and animal bone in Iron Age pits In M. Maltby and J. Morris (eds) Social Environmental Archaeology; Integrated Studies of Ritual BAR International Series 2077 : 83-102.

 Jones, S., and Randall, C.E., 2010 Death, destruction and the end of an era : the end of the Iron Age at Cadbury Castle, Somerset In M. Sterry , A. Tullett and N. Ray In search of the Iron Age Leicester University Press: 165-184

Gerrard, J., Caldwell, L. and Kennedy, A., Green Waste and Archaeological Geophysics. Archaeological Propsection 2015