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As well as regular talks and outings, every two years SSARG usually organises an academic symposium, Cadbury Day, which is held in the Autumn.  The theme in 2014 was the Late Roman - Early Medieval Transition in the Southwest.  Watch out for news of another event next October!

We alternate the academic conference with a community-based event with a local theme.  In 2017 we held a Members Day at Sutton Montis Village Hall where SSARG members gave talks on a variety of topics.

SSARG also take part every year in the Council for British Archaeology's Annual Archaeology Festival.  For the past few years we have been at Montacute House, helping the National Trust by carrying out geophysical surveys to try and locate lost buildings.  Reports on the two previous surveys are available online via OASIS (see the Reports page).

For more information about the Annual Archaeology Festival there is a link to the Council for British Archaeology on the Contact Us page.

Saturday 28th July, Montacute House.
Over the past few years we have been carrying out geophysical surveys looking for evidence of lost buildings and garden features at Montacute House, assisted by members of the public.  This year as part of the Festival of Archaeology, we will be returning to Montacute along with Mick Aston's Young Archaeologists and the Somerset Archaeological and Natural History Society.

This shows the results of the 2016 resistivity survey on the lawn at the front of Montacute House.  Thank you to all the members of the public who helped us with the survey.

The results show a central feature which was the location of a pond.  The white areas are consistent with buried stone and could be from former garden features.  The darker circular areas could be flower beds.